Generally a change in diet to get rid of excess sugar, refined carbohydrates, and animal products is enough to rid a woman’s body of ovarian cysts.  However, there are some instances when change in diet is either not manageable due to inability to stick to the diet or is simply not enough as there are multiple environmental factors impacting the formation of ovarian cysts.

In both instances it may be necessary to supplement the body with a natural progesterone cream.  Here are other reasons that may cause one to need a natural progesterone cream to treat ovarian cysts:

  • Inability to eliminate animal products from the diet
  • Exposure to high level of chemicals in the environment
  • Overweight
  • Over the age of 35
  • High level of stress
  • The ovarian cysts fail to respond to diet alone

So why is progesterone used?  Progesterone is the hormone that signals the end of ovulation and causes the follicles to shrink.  This is often the point in the cycle that is disrupted and causes ovarian cysts to form.  So introducing progesterone to the body can aid in the shrinking and maybe even full absorption by the body of ovarian cysts.

It is important to note that natural progesterone cream is safer than other forms out there.  Natural progesterone cream is made from fats extracted from soybeans or wild yams.  This progesterone is bio-identical to that of the human body, making it safer than synthetic progesterone creams that are traditionally sold through prescription.

Progesterone can also be found in the form of a pill when taken via a prescription.  However, as with all medications it is important to note the potential side effects.  Because progesterone pills are metabolized through the liver one runs the risk of damaging your liver.  In addition, the liver filters out over 90% of synthetic progesterone, making it a very ineffective way of treating ovarian cysts.  Progesterone cream on the other hand is absorbed directly through the skin, allowing one to use much smaller doses and get much better results without the risk of damaging the liver.

Natural progesterone creams can often be found through health food stores as well as many of the network marketing companies that sell vitamins and such today.  It is important to note that while natural progesterone creams are able to be sold over the counter in the United States, there are many companies that have regulated this industry, making it very difficult for women to find a natural alternative to ovarian cyst treatments.

However, some countries, such as Australia, will still allow women to import natural progesterone creams providing she has a current doctor’s prescription, brings in only 3 month’s supply, and earmarks her cream for personal use only.  This is due to misconceptions out there today that stem from lumping natural progesterone creams in with synthetic progestin.  When looking into natural progesterone cream for the treatment of ovarian cysts it is important to know what guidelines your country follows.

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