Having ovarian cysts can be a painful and scary condition for a women to find herself in. This article will discuss different treatment options and the side effects for the treatment of ovarian cysts.

The first thing to look at is the type of cyst that you have.  A benign cyst generally requires minimal treatment or even sometimes no treatment.  If the ovarian cyst is not benign, then the following ovarian cyst treatments are generally recommended.

One treatment option for ovarian cysts is surgery.  If the cysts are cancerous, or if any other complications arise from having ovarian cysts, then surgery as a treatment method is recommended.  In surgery sometimes the cysts themselves are only removed, and sometimes the ovary itself is removed.

Another treatment option for ovarian cysts is taking birth control pills. Birth control pills stop the process of ovulation. This helps to repress the cysts and can cause the cysts to reduce the size of its follicles.

As with all forms of treatment for any problem including Ovarian Cysts there are always potential side effects.

One potential problem with using birth control pills is the potential problem of infertility. Even after treatment is stopped a woman may remain infertile. Surgery definitely isn’t a better alternative though. Surgery as a treatment, according to some experts, may actually increase the chances of ovarian cysts.

Since ovarian cysts are very complex, it is recommended that a multi-pronged approach be utilized as a treatment plan. A holistic approach, instead of just utilizing a conventional approach, is often times recommended as a treatment for Ovarian Cysts. You should do your own research to determine what treatment is right for you.