An important yet often overlooked natural treatment for ovarian cysts is managing levels of stress.  Why are stress levels and the management of stress so important in the natural treatment of ovarian cysts?

When a body is continually stressed the body can release too many hormones, thus causing a hormonal imbalance.  The two hormones are that come into play with the development and treatment of ovarian cysts are estrogen and progesterone.  If a woman has too much estrogen this can lead to menstrual cycles to where she doe not ovulate.

Although the brain wants to manage these hormone levels and to reduce stress and therefore help avoid ovarian cysts, the brain on its own cannot do it alone.

Step 1 is to assess your lifestyle.  Are taking on too much responsibility at home or at work?  Too much stress can knock the body out of balance, and this leads to the problems mentioned above.  Although it is an extremely simple and natural treatment, just managing stress will go a long way in the treatment and avoidance of ovarian cysts.

Step 2.  Are you getting enough rest, enough sleep, and enough personal time.  Once again, this is a natural treatment for ovarian cysts, but just because it does not involve the use of medication or drugs does not mean it is not a useful treatment.

Having too much estrogen in the body will lead you to become over-sensitive and stress will be maximize.  Having progesterone will lead you to feel more balanced and calm.

Another important question to ask yourself, if you have recently developed an ovarian cyst, is this:  Have you experienced or been a part of an traumatic events or incidents?  Traumatic events and experiences can cause ovarian cysts.  If the egg is not released from the follicle due to unbalanced hormones then the chances of developing an ovarian cyst are increased.  Taking some time out to reflect and perhaps seek counseling can go along way in the mental treatment of an ovarian cyst.

We tend to maximize the over the mind in most western cultures and civilizations and under-estimate the mind-body connection.  Since ovarian cysts can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, and hormonal imbalance it is important to look at these natural treatment methods.

Finally, let’s look at sleep as a pre-requisite for the avoidance and treatment of ovarian cysts.  Approximately 60 million Americans and countless people around the world suffer from a lack of sleep, or a poor quality of sleep.  There is research that shows that certain hormones are released between 11pm and 2am, therefore it is ideal to be asleep, if at all possible, during these times.

Scientists and medical researchers do not know all the reasons and health benefits of sleep, yet they do know it is essential for a healthy life.  If you are suffering from ovarian cysts, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.  Although sleep seems like an afterthought and very simple natural treatment for ovarian cysts, it is important to remember that it is hard to get too much sleep, for the body will simply not let you go to sleep if it has enough rest.